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Date:2004-07-10 08:09

Spent quite a lot of time yesterday hanging out, roleplaying, and such. We were cataloguing which of our contemporaries had the lives we thought we were all going to have. Nothing brightens my day like a good perp walk. These shoes have been down that road before. Then I realised that I didn't actually know them in reality, and I must have been crazy to think that I was going to school with them.

Absolutely maniacal today. I first noticed the parakeets, who live on the kitchen table right by the patio door, were getting excited about something. Is that an angry mob approaching? Perhaps we'll soon be feeding the parakeets in Trafalgar Square! Remember what I said about once a week trips there? In the last week or so I've finally begin to figure out who I am and who I want to be. That would almost be amusing for a minute. I would have laughed right then and there, but it would have made things hurt worse. I keep thinking about how horrifyingly revolting yet profoundly amusing it would be if it were true. There has to be a loophole! This kind of thing always has a loophole! You’re crazy, the lot of you, and really shouldn’t encourage me.

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