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always here

Never did stop reading here. Now, to quote a few once again...

somebodies permanently yours immortals permanently yours forums permanently yours watchers

somebodies is used as a reader of journals of selected LiveJournal permanent accounts, in conjunction with a separate reader for permanent LJ communities and several other perm readers, altogether making it easier for me to use my Palm device to personally keep up with the daily public traffic for 62% of LJ's permanent accounts plus protected traffic for 13% of LJ's perms.

This reader's own journal entries represent a semi-stream-of-subconscious metablogged collage drawn from my reading of the public entries of 204 permanent journals that are mutual friends of this reader.

Thanks also to fos' 30 early adopter, paid, and free accounts that carry the ramblings of this reader on their friends' page, and whose journals I also read regularly.

None of the reading, quoting, or maintenance under this reader is automated (except for the journalling tools provided by LiveJournal itself).